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Experience immersive tech as a business tool and learn about VR, MR and AR in a new light of utility. Every single person in a workplace that engages in training, education, presentation, collaboration and documentation will benefit from understanding the future of immersive tech. SuperManual puts VR in reach, literally.

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Spend a day with SuperManual Studio and be guided through step-by-step demonstrations on how VR can work for your business or institution. Learn what immersive tech means for the future of how we work with a personalised, hands-on immersive tech masterclass.

Sessions commence in June 2018, sign up to recieve more information about the masterclass program.

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Why VR Matters in 2018

VR, AR, MR is now accessible and delivers experience through hardware and software unlike any other platform. There is a content vacuum with 16 million VR devices in circulation but only 200 applications available per platform.

Over 60% of Australian businesses have a requirement for innovative training, design and presentation technology. VR is the killer platform for e-learning, training, design and entertainment as supported by the healthcare training and simulation spend.

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